Floor Plans

All floors of the building will be served by an oversized elevator. The primary accessible entrance will be at the corner of Queen Street and 3rd Street where the former stage and future cafe will be located.

All commercial suites and any residential suites on the ground, first and second floors will be ADA accessible. Designated commercial suites will be built with kitchettes, mechanical, hot water closets and data closets with hardwired CAT6 networking distribution to perimeter walls.

Some floor plans shown on our site include fully completed suites with all walls and furnishings. Please note that furnishings are not included unless in designated corporate STR suites and the commercial suites are only constructed with the components noted above. Remaining walls shown in furnished examples will be completed as part of future tenant fit-outs. These will be designed and constructed according to the each tenant's needs and incorporated as part of the lease agreement.

The lowest level of the building, the former locker rooms below the gymnasium get their natural daylight through window light wells along Harrison and Queen Streets. Many of the interior walls are natural stone and will remain visible after final tenant fit-outs.

This floor will house the cafe (on the former stage), the business commons and collaborative areas (in the auditorium) and commercial suites. The public and collaborative areas have a pair of shared multi-user restrooms on the north side of the corridor.

All suites on the second floor will be ADA accessible. A public ADA accessible restroom is located in the central area near the elevator.

Any of the suites designed as residences on the second floor may be leased as commercial suites, but without further customization or construction. These suites will have also have data closets with hardwired CAT6 networking distribution to perimeter walls so that they will be suitable for commercial or home-business use.

The residences on the 3rd floor will all have lofts and are therefore, not ADA accessible units. This floor will house only residential units and will have restricted entry access from the elevator and stairs for personal security and privacy.